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Mental health has never been so widely important or talked about before as it is now.

Just like a mechanic has a tool box full of tools to fix cars, so we must have a tool box for our minds.

Metaphorical just means in our heads, or perhaps, virtually on our computers in a folder.

Recall is hard. Especially, when we are overwhelmed by other thoughts and emotions.

The toolbox is so you don't have to RECALL. It does that for you.

All of our coping strategies, tips, tricks and more that we can pull out of ourselves to help pick us up on those dark days or from those dark places anytime we like are more vital than ever before.

Here's a few ideas to get you started and I have lots of helpful links at the end.


...and we start acting more like primal beasts and less compassionate creatures.

Have you been called a bear recently? What can we do when the minutes keep ticking by and we are staring at the ceiling? What do we do when we finally give up and start pacing the floor, haunting the fridge or TV until the break of daylight?

One of the biggest reasons for this is the excess screen time. If we can somehow lessen that, it may help. The second biggest reason is stress-related fatigue, right? That nearly constant state of weariness that develops over time and reduces your energy, motivation and concentration? To help with that, we can try:

  • Showering and getting dressed even if we aren’t leaving the house.

  • Actually making a meal and then eating it at the same time each day. 

  • Blocking off specific time periods for work and exercise and then following through.

  • Not forcing sleep. Trying something relaxing in low light instead and letting it come as it will.

  • Avoiding napping.

  • Getting exercise outside for 20 minute intervals.

LIMIT THE BS You are still an engaged part of your country if you step back, don't post or join in all the time. If you’re watching the news, posting on social media in a triggering way, or joining in on stress inducing avenues 24-7, please stop. Choose trusted/unbiased news outlets. Try reading the news or calling a friend instead so you can choose when you’ve had enough and stop more easily.

  • Have a legitimate and healthy list of contacts and sources that are your go-tos. This is great. Put those in the toolbox.


Humans, large and teacup size, have some of the most complicated emotions they've ever had because of the global crisis situations. Everyone may be facing more emotions than they know what to deal with when it's time to deal with going back to work, school, and normal activities. Why?

Because things still aren't quite normal are they? Life is a swirl of virtual meetings and classrooms, masks are part of our outfit ensemble, and human contact is still taboo. Validating what everyone is feeling is a must, especially with the teacup humans using things like honesty, reassurance, encouragement, and safety.

  • Jotting down comfortable healthy phrases and sentences to say when your brain can't find any keeps you prepared. Writing down what you need to say to people around you should situations call for it can help. Put those in the toolbox.

LET YOUR BODY TALK Are you paying attention to your body? Has it been talking to you? Active listening is more than a tool between two people. Listening to the signals your body gives you is such an important part of being healthy. Rest when it wants to rest, sleep when it wants to sleep, shower when it needs to shower. In fact, showering is more than hygienic, it also smoothes out the biomagnetic field around you.

Here's why:

"For eons our biofield – the electromagnetic energy generated by and surrounding our body – was kept in balance by the larger enveloping electromagnetic field generated by the earth, the atmosphere, and the ecosphere. When our frequency became disrupted, it could usually right itself in a few days or weeks simply due to the fact that we were surrounded by a powerful natural energy field emitted by nature.

When your body starts to misfire, it is usually accompanied by a change in the basic frequency of the cells caused by exposure to a disruptive foreign frequency. For instance, a cancer cell emits a radically different frequency than that of a healthy cell...

It stands to reason that if unhealthy frequencies such as WiFi signals can disrupt cellular function and alter the cell’s vibration to such an extent that its ability to send, receive, and accurately interpret signals is compromised, then the introduction of the appropriate healthy frequency will restore that cell to balance through the properties of resonance...

Your body is mostly fluid: you are around 75% water. Sound travels much farther in water than does light. Water is highly susceptible to oscillating frequencies. The molecules literally change shape depending upon what frequency they are exposed to. Our DNA, like the rest of us, is also mostly water." Click here for more info on sound and water.

So, plain and simple, jumping into the shower, lake, or pool full of energized or neutralized water will by some percentage change the current vibratory cell disruption occurring within you. Who knew getting clean was also body changing?

  • Where can you go? Are you stuck in your home? Do you have a zen den? Can you get outside? Make a list of all your grounding, favorite places. Put them in your toolbox.

FLIP THE SWITCH Even 2 minutes of meditation or silence will flip your switch or flip your script. Time outs will take you from trigger-happy to zen zone in a matter of minutes.

  • Choosing links to apps and videos that you prefer in your toolbox is going to make YOU happy.

WALK YOUR THANK TANK TALK Thank your Tank. Your body is a tank 'cause it keeps on going just about no matter what. That is one of the fabulous things about the human body- it's regenerative capabilities. I'm grateful in so many ways, but move it. Stretch, walk, do whatever works for you, but do more than you did yesterday. (I’ve got some resources at the end of the blog for you to move at home.)

  • Choose a list of apps, videos, coaches, mates, friends who will get you motivated to move. Put them in the toolbox.

DISCERNMENT MATTERS Ditch the circle of naysayers. Here’s a link to the Terri Cole episode that she did on "the negative impact on your brain function from being around drama queens and chronic complainers." Jump ship when you realize that your crowd is the “misery loves company crowd.” It's not okay to be someone's emotional punching bag or garbage can.

Relationship or dating issues? Try Create the Love guru Mark Groves here.

  • How to cope with the crap. Try putting Terri and Mark in your toolbox. They have great videos and podcasts.

ENERGETIC HANDS UP In boxing, we keep our hands up to protect our face when people jab at us. In science, they have used special equipment to photograph and show us our magnetic energy field and how it is affected by gravity and by other magnetic energies around us (ahem, other humans.) So keep those energy shield defenses up! Check out energy medicine expert, Lara Riggio’s zip-up technique to protect yourself right here.

  • Try thinking of people like Lara to put in your toolbox.

DON'T BE MEAN Compassion will relieve you of what's weighing you down. Your brain releases endorphins when you are kind to others. (That includes yourself, too.) That's pretty easy, right? Being nice means feeling better.

  • Affirmations are great. When we feel like being mean or catch ourselves being mean it's probably because we are being mean to ourselves OR we aren't communicating that our boundaries were crossed by someone and we feel resentful. Try putting affirmations and reminders of this in your toolbox.

DIAL IN Dial in and see where you are at everyday, and maybe even more than that. What can you do to help avoid withdrawal, apathy, and depression? Are you perhaps reaching for comfort things that perhaps aren't the best choices? Deprivation and excess are wonky extremes so let's walk down the middle in-between them.

What can you do to focus on self-care and get out of your head? Whatever you need to do, it's your unique perspective. You will find your own silver lining.

  • Put your silver linings in your toolbox. What are they?


Meditation: Over the last four years, I have become more interested in making meditation accessible to others because it has transformed my life, has also become one of the cornerstones of my connection to my therapeutic practice, but more importantly, it has more fully opened my passionate connection to my creative pursuits. It remains an integral part of my client's treatment sessions to overcome a magazine rack of issues and my own everyday life.

Meditation binds the fragmented pieces of distance within you to actually build your ability to live deliberately and intentionally. Like with any muscle, skill, or relationship, it requires a daily practice.

You can get the following three meditations for free here

  • Audio Moon Meditations

  • Audio Everyday Meditations

  • Video Guided Moon Meditations

You can get complimentary meditation affirmations here

  • Audio Affirmations

  • Binaural Sounds

  • Video Binaural Sounds

You can get complimentary breathing videos here

  • Video Kundalini breathing techniques

You can also try The Breathing App (available in iOS and Android)

My favorite songs and newly added songs are a part of my toolbox. They help ground me and make me feel like I'm alive because I love them. You can use them anytime to listen to or get you started with your own playlist.

Here is the app where I keep my music playlists that are part of my toolbox

  • Spotify


There are so many to choose from but here are a few of my favorites:

And, there are a bunch of freebie videos you can utilize on YOUTUBE

Places I go in or near home for my mental health:

  • My studio

  • A bath

  • A walk around my neighborhood

Places I go and things I do outside for my mental health:

Resources from Lara Riggio – Central Park Energy Center

Energy expert, owner of the Central Park Energy Center Energy Lara Riggio has created some resources. If you’re not familiar with her work give her a try. Go to

RK Arts Studio

Charlottesville, VA 22902

+1 (434) 260-1402

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