Ireland 2019

Dingle Ireland, RKAS Photography

As most of you know, I'm off on another walkabout and back to Ireland for a short period of time to become ensconced in the magic of the fae and sacred sites during a beautiful art retreat as I did last year. I will not be posting many photos this year, as I believe I posted enough last year to last several lifetimes. :) However, I will do a few just to let you know what little activities I may be up to here and there. The studio will be quiet until my return, and this works out well because I need a little social media break. I have quieted down on the website, FB, and IG due to some weird happenings with algorithms and more, and I feel its for the best. This allows for me time, more painting and meditation time. I wish you all a very wonderful May's end and Memorial Weekend. <3, Rain

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