Ireland 2018 | part 2

An adventure and an art retreat. 3 weeks in Ireland.

The second half the 2018 Ireland trip...

As we left our beautiful Lough Bawn House, we began our journey westward to our second destination stop for the retreat. On the way, Anthony Finegan took us from the Lake District to the Burren Perfumery. The Burren is a land of fascinating rocks and plants; an astounding vast stretch of limestone rock covering a large area on and near the western coast of Ireland, where one can find over 700 types of plants. They have a movie inside and books that allow you to revisit this information. It also had a cozy little tea house on the site. They utilize the plants and flowers to make fresh perfume scents.

We then traveled onward through villages until we reached Inch Beach on the Dingle Peninsula where we stayed at an artist retreat residence on the hillside. It was a short walk down to the beach and to the little restaurant there.

We shuffled roommates at this location and I ended up with hilarious, sensitive, independent quirky women. We painted a lot more at this residence and cooked most of our own meals. We went grocery shopping in Dingle and that was a fun drive and experience.

While visiting this site, we had some wonderful tour guides (Elegant Dingle Tours) to drive us around (Anthony left us to go back to the Lake District). We visited the top of the mountains, waterfalls, more sacred sites, movie site locations, saw the previous home of Delores from the band the Cranberries, and finally we went shopping in Dingle.

Below are the photos from Ireland 2018 Part 2.

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