Should You Get a Massage Outside?

Topping the charts of the best-all-around-type-of-massage is the one that is experienced Outdoor. Although the call of nature isn't for everyone with some in favor the closeted seclusion and privacy of a massage room, there is something wonderfully alluring of an al fresco therapy treatment.


Wowzers, it's a relaxing experience. For those of us whom it normally takes a ridiculous amount of time to completely relax in the first place, this will help us skip all pretenses and hit the zen zone right the from the start. Providing the temperature and weather conditions are perfect, the second the fresh breeze enters the scene, the birds chirp, or that big realization that that open sky is your ceiling, it's a stress-free ride straight to Zen-city.


Weather doesn't always cooperate, nor do looky-loos or nosey neighbors. Cheers to high fences or cabanas!


The great outdoors itself is the best salesperson and treatment for a busy brain, but if you're forced to block out any urban or family noises, try to use your therapist's portable music player. If you're in anyway connected to your cell phone for a playlist, even with wireless earbuds (wires are a no-go), then you're going to be on alert and still tuned into your blue-light-bestie who exudes charm in electromagnetic radiation and cortisol production. Cell phones should be off and left where you can't even think about reaching for it, otherwise you may be wasting your money.


Weather can be a fickle friend if you live in a four-season climate with high humidity much of the time. Early morning massages are best, as are highly ventilated areas like a porch or cabana, for shade or rain cover. Rain isn't a deterrent for a massage and can be quite a lovely experience if it's not a life threatening thunderstorm.


The ozone layer isn't what it used to be and your therapist uses oil and lotion. Any sunscreen will be wiped off within the hour. Reapplication of your preferred sunscreen during the massage is a great idea! Avoid having a massage if you have sunburn, heat stroke, or dehydration.


Lying in the sun can feel good at first but can get pretty warm after awhile and you may need to set up in the shade, but then again, shade can have the opposite effect. Your body cools down with massage and lying in the shade for too long can bring a chill. Make sure you or your therapist have an extra blanket handy.


Your massage therapist uses sheets for draping, but beach towels are good for massage accessories if you're at the pool, beach, or lake. You don't necessarily have to get completely unclothed if you choose, so be sure to communicate your comfort level to your therapist.

Landmarks & Facilities

Choose a location where an hour of massage therapy on a table will be allowed. That's a definite no-brainer. Next, help your therapist find you! Make sure the outdoor location allows massages and that you have described yourself and your attire well to your therapist.

It's also a good idea to pick an area near a public restroom. This will allow your therapist to locate you and give you a place close to your massage to use the restroom and change. Bringing a robe and shoes/slippers if you need to change away from your table can be helpful. Your therapist will make every accomodation to make sure you're covered from prying eyes, but unless you can disrobe underneath the draping sheet, extra precautions are a good idea depending on your chosen location!

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