#stayhome artscapes day 11

A couple of days ago, a mind body photographer named Trey Ratcliff posted a video online about his time on a silent retreat and his conclusions about what he was feeling during this COVID-19 coping situation. He also referred to David Whyte's poem Despair. (both are listed below)

I watched Trey's video and let it resonate for the day. Later in the evening, I moved on to Whyte's poem and read that over a couple times letting it resonate, feeling its weighty essence, allowing me access to a few deep dives. Holding onto the mind vitamin essentials, I picked up my pencil from my creative toolbox.

here is the outcome:

Today’s stay-at-home artscapes day 11-12. Inspiration: David Whyte “Despair”, Consolations. In a time where we don’t know what to do with ourselves, how to be, how to act, what to eat, what day it is...just this space off existing...I’m trying to honor that by doing daily inner art-landscapes based on relatable poems or music each day/night while we are locked in a seemingly endless void. The art is neither good nor bad itself really but a resonating match for my resignation of space and energy that I’m hoping to measure.

Below you will find links to the above mentioned materials:

Trey Ratcliff's video: Despair - What hundreds of millions of Earthlings are experiencing now…

David Whyte's poem: Despair

Tools for artscaping:

  1. Multi-media paper

  2. Acrylic paint, (craft paint can be used but it dries quickly. You may need a flow agent to mix in.)

  3. paintbrushes

  4. gel ink waterproof pens: blue, black and white

  5. Acrylic Matte Sealer Spray for finished picture

  6. pencil to sketch out drawing

  7. Music to let your mind draw what it wants (pick something you vibe too.)


  1. Allow your mind to drift to the music for awhile or just start drawing something that feels like your mood or something symbolic of what has been weighing on your mind.

  2. Choose colors that match the feeling or mood of what you feel at this time.

  3. Begin laying down the background colors.

  4. Allow white to be a highlight you add last.

  5. Add shadows with darker colors to areas that feel shadowy to you.

  6. Mix white with colors to lighten areas, finally adding white at the very last to highlight small areas.

  7. Allow your painting to dry and then spray matte fixative lightly from several feet away; allow to dry again.

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