The Christmas Star and Great Conjunction of 2020

For most of us that celebrate traditions associated with the holiday Christmas, when we see a star, it brings to mind the star that the wise men followed in order to find Jesus, the King of the Jews.

On The Winter Solstice, Jupiter And Saturn Will Be Together Again.

On Dec. 21, Jupiter and Saturn will appear on top of each other in the night sky to form a bright "Christmas star" — something that hasn't happened in nearly 800 years.

Astronomers are calling it the Great Conjunction of 2020.

The ‘Star of Bethlehem’ might have been one of these great conjunctions.

It is recommended looking toward the southwest about an hour after sunset on Dec. 21, and you should be able to see the planets with the naked eye.

Meditation: Lift your eyes and concentrate within. Resonate with the celestial event and let the cosmic energy in you follow that telescopic conjunction to behold the divinity everywhere.

Think about the intentions for your life over this next year.

How has your journey towards Compassion and the light of truth changed you this Christmas season?

Are you still in a mindset of the world in fight, fear, and flight, unwilling to love thy neighbor?

Or have you joined the great spirit of the season of forgiveness, joy and gratitude?

Have you heard of the story of the Magi and their journey onwards to Bethlehem and beyond?

For the magi their journey towards the Christmas star was life changing. They could no longer walk the old paths or be satisfied with the old life.

What new journeys are we embarking in that show we have been touched by compassion’s light?

How can we better travel into a new journey that leads us and others towards a better tomorrow?

Peace be with you this season.







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