The Science of Crystal Healing

Crystal healing as a treatment involves harnessed energy. Energy is the conserved quantitive property that must be transferred or converted in form (but not destroyed) to an object in order to perform work on, or to heat, the object. The crystals or stones influence the patient's electromagnetic field or cell polarity to return to a specific healthy vibrational or vibrating frequency.

Different people and different layers of the anatomical and subanatomical human body vibrate or oscillate specifically to their natural, healthy state. This means that just about anything at all can maneuver one's natural, healthy state into a disharmonious state throughout the day, i.e., contact with other people's vibrational states, nature, traffic, music, stress, construction noises, crying babies, air pressures, altitude, carbon dioxide level changes in the atmosphere in certain areas, etc.

Because of this daily occurrence, humans as a general rule of thumb, need more than one helpful tool to keep their homeostasis in check. Crystals and stones are a good line of offense/defense. Each has their own base resonance frequency and in practicing crystal healing, the skill is to know what crystals and stones to use for what purpose.

Throughout human history, the principle of crystal healing has been applied through many cultures without much of a scientific, quantum physics-based explanation and more of a experiential knowledge and result-effect based revelatory record. They just believed and added the information to their library as knowledge. There are many wonderful books, articles and blogs that will go over the histories of that information and recorded knowledge with you, but I find that fact based information of today is what fascinates me and so that is what I'm going to focus on with today's blog entry.

Crystals have many technological uses in our modern world. They have been shown as stable conductors of concentrated energy and information storage that may be directed into physical and subtle purposes. You may be very familiar with some of the uses and not so familiar with others.

With the creation of silicon chips of information we now have the ability to access an infinite amount of information of diseases and ways to heal them. We have also been able to create diamond tipped drills making our tools hard to damage or destroy.

Quartz has been used in watches and clocks for the telling of time and because of its crystal lattice structuring, it provides stability and regularity of electromagnetic energy. It is often used in healing for its steady, directed resonating quantitive energy flow to the energetic properties adjacent.

Piezoelectric, (meaning when crystals are twisted, changed or compressed they acquire a charge), reaches a large spectrum of radio or quantitive energetic frequencies so they are often used in Chakra work. Galena and Pyrite are used to transduce electromagnetic energies transforming them into sound waves to be heard by a person listening to a radio. A crystal microphone can amplify a broadcast. Crystal radios do not need batteries and draw energy from the radio waves that transmit through the atmosphere; meaning that some act as resonators and transducers of electromagnetic energies and some regulate brainwaves.

Ruby crystals are utilized for lasers, microsurgeries and for reading CDs. Television and cell phone screens are nearly always made from liquid crystals as crystals in a liquid state can carry light quite precisely. Thousands of holographic 3-D images can be sorted within a a single crystal. A lab in Tennessee is currently considering storing all info for the USA-SSN onto crystals. The legendary city of Atlantis was rumored to have stored records on crystals and here we are today. We can grow them or use them as needle tips to record grooves on electrical oscillations.

Human DNA is formed in crystal lattice structure. According to some, biophysicists put forward the supposition that the DNA within the human body is a liquid crystal. This does support the theory that the crystalline lattice structure in every part of our body is indeed in communication with the every other part by means of a responsive liquid crystalline medium.

A liquid crystal medium would be an ideal transmitter of communication, resonance, and coherence owing to its retention of a stable molecular structure from the crystalline lattice structure. DNA sequencing not only functions as a protein builder but also as a medium for the storage, receiving and communication of information.

The balanced state of a crystalline structure or a stone lattice structure responds in unique ways to a wide spectrum of the energy in which it was environmentally formed. It depends greatly on the output and input of those energies, the specific vibratory energies of nearby minerals and flux, oscillations, compressions and forces of mother earth. A patient's unique progress and amelioration of dis-eases returning it to homeostasis would benefit greatly by a skilled practitioner's knowledge in areas such as: geology, oceanography, astronomy, meteorology, chemistry, physics, genetics, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, theology, energy work, etc.

As a science-based healing modality, crystal healing has a solid foundation based on publicly recognized and utilized every day uses in modern day society. The mockery that perhaps accompanies pseudo-science of someone picking up a pretty colored rock and placing it on the body to be healed, I believe, comes from a lack of educational resources. With the above mentioned educational subjects, modern day uses, the stone being used itself and its lattice structure, I feel with more articles and education that more light may be shed on this subject. After all, the earth was thought to be flat until it wasn't.

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