West Coast Meanderin'

The West Coast

So, with that, I will dive right in.

It started out cloudy, because hey, Seattle.  

My traveling companion and I stopped at Starbucks, because again, hey, Seattle

 With some Japanese Maples turning red outside and a cup of Chai in hand, we clambered into our rental on four wheels and raced off to the REI flagship store.

We dashed off to Geocaching HQ. We poked around, talked to some peeps, found a cache.  

Next, the Space Needle and the Chihuly Gallery-Museum.

The Safeco Field came next. 

Seattle Mariners vs Oakland Athletics.

I got a quick sketch in.

Port Angeles on the Harbor where I did a little sketching.

Next came Sul Doc Hot Springs.

It was so misty and steamy that at times we could not see anyone else in the pools.  Sitting outside among the Evergreens and cold, refreshing rain poured down and I got soaked. I got a sketch in there too. Well, about 30 minutes later after it got too hot.

Next, Olympic National Park and out to Forks, Washington.  A piece of the movie "Twilight."

La Push Rez and then Hoh Rainforest National Park.

Next stop: Astoria, Oregon.  The bridge that connects Washington to Oregon was a bit scary.

And then a visit to the famous Cannon Beach from the movie "Goonies."

Onward to Multnomah Falls, Wahkeenah Falls, and Bridal Veil...

Trying for Crater lake was an epic fail. Blizzard set in. Windy roads, in the pitch of night, without a human being in site. Turned around and went into the city to sleep.

Headed to California the next day.  

Eucalyptus trees and a the pretty coast. 

Drove through Redwood National Park and on down to Millbrae, California.

Our temporary home:

Late night to visit Golden Gate Bridge at 2 a.m. for some quick photography and exchanged tips with other night photographers. 


Mist and Vernal are popular places in Yosemite, but the regular falls were not to be had.

Total drought.

Big time drought.

Droughtiest of droughtiest. 

A river of rock. Dry as a bone.

Sigh.  No waterfall captures.

Later, drove to Fresno.

Bonus, though, was a spectacular sunset on the way.

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